Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 22: Crazy Inspired Sculptors (a.k.a Crazy Horse & Rushmore)

Destination: Crazy Horse & Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Departure: 10:00 am MT
Milage: 300
Time: 05:42
Total Miles: 6119
Total Time: 136:20

Spent a blustery night in Cheyenne without rain :) Packed in the morning sun & headed North East for the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Picture we should have taken: a real cowboy on his horse riding the fences… oh, well. Chalk that one up to our memories! Enjoyed a country highway drive through Cattle Country as we approached our first South Dakota destination.

Enjoyed picturesque views of Cattle Country from the heartland of America
We enjoyed viewing the Crazy Horse Memorial.  The story of the sculptor & his family is a display of perseverance & legacy, as 7 of 10 children continue the work on the mountain edifice. Davy & Ethan provided some add'l private funding to bring home a rock from one of the blasts.

Expressive cloud frames the first 50+ years' work on Crazy Horse
Concept & what has been accomplished
Overnight-ing in the hugest KOA ever!  They have a restaurant, horse stable, hotel, & rental cars. We're near Comfort Station 4 (nice term for bathhouse). After a quick dinner & covering our camper with it's poncho, we drove the 6 miles to Mount Rushmore National Memorial for the lighting ceremony. Davy squeezed in another Junior Ranger commission. We thought we were in the clear, but a mass entrance into the Visitors Center alerted us to rain. We retrieved a damp Ellen & patiently  awaited the Memorial illumination under cover. Missed the program we couldn't see or hear, which we're sure was moving, but enjoyed the lit sculpture. Warmed up on the return trip to our beds.
Mount Rushmore
Davy's Junior Ranger oath
Illuminated view
"Popup Poncho" shedding Day 23 morning shower


  1. Hi there family! I/we were looking forward to the Mount Rushmore pictures! Awesome! On our visit to LI this past weekend, Betsy (Ann's sister) just watched a documentary on PBS on Mt. Rushmore, specifically the guy that sculpted it. She gave us the highlights. It was very fascinating to learn those details.
    Cath & Ann

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