Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 25: Unstuck

Destination: The "Open Road" (then, Sioux Falls, SD)
Departure: 10:30am MT     Mileage: 360     Time: 06:02    Total Miles: 6578    Total Time:145:32

Ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day"? "Historic" Keystone SD was a little like that for us. We were ready to leave; so much so, that we were willing to give back our great loaner :) Even one of the employees at Teddy's Deli (Keystone's best thing goin') shared that she wouldn't want to be in town for more than a day.

Left a message at the dealer around 8:30... then, spoke with our service rep again at 9am ~ no part yet, but would check on delivery & call back... finally at 10:00 the call came: part in & work would be complete by 11:30.  WHOO-HOO!  Packed out the back of the Pathfinder, loaded everybody in & headed for Rapid City SD.

Although, we would have rather been other places, we are grateful that the problem occurred where it did: not on open highway, with convenient lodging & trustworthy dealer availability & service, plus a whole host of other details... thanks for watching over us God! Picked up the van with a clean bill of health to resume our travels. Unfortunately had to go BACK to Keystone to pick up the camper!

Easily decided to three-peat @ Teddy's Deli for the road. Lunch in hand, we left for Sioux City SD. We were supposed to stay in Mitchell SD ~ home of the Corn Palace (Grandpa, remember your attempted visit?), but decided we needed to go a little further to catch up to our itinerary. Arrived 7:30pm Central time for dinner & return to our camper.

Boys posing with the great loaner... joked with the dealer if they were baiting us to trade in the Quest :)
Awaiting it's own tow
Teddy's Deli on our horizon for breakfast, lunch & dinner
 Enjoy a little bit of our trip along I-90 East with just a sampling of Laura's Wall Drug series...

Check out the prairie dogs, including a unique white one, beside a service station we patronized
Heard of 1880's Town? Neither had we
Felt like we were making progress when we crossed the Missouri River
Back at it again!


  1. Those signs are hilarious! Very much laughing out loud. So glad you are back on the road again. Loved your caption on the last picture.
    So happy and grateful that it all worked out!

    cath & ann

  2. On the road again!!! as the song goes! Sounds like the van is running well! You know that it will take awhile to have your whole trip sink in of all the places you were, the fun you had, and now GREAT our God designs everything around us!!! And that is also why you take all those digital pics to go back over many times!!!
    Love to all!