Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 27: Boring Blog

Destination: Chicago IL
Departure: 10:00am
Mileage: 185
Time: 03:33
Total Miles: 7107
Total Time: 156:02

Today we expended a lot of energy avoiding the rabid Wisconsin mosquitoes during our morning/packing routine.

Today's short trip was designed to get us across the Illinois state line & close enough to Chicago IL for a brief(er) visit. Little did we know that patching or resurfacing roads is not popular out West like it is in PA.  Interstate 90 from the state line to (practically) Chicago was down to dirt.  Reduced to 4 lanes, needless to say, our progress was somewhat slowed.

When we arrived at our KOA, the host stared at us blankly when we asked for help to get into Chicago.  She was more than willing, but both 90 construction & this week's Taste of Chicago Celebration would make it a trip of nightmarish proportions, whether by auto or train.  Given all our pleasant adventures, we opted to take a day of rest before our marathon drive to our Stone Creek OH respite. We swam, did some laundry & walked next door to a steakhouse for dinner... boring (maybe to some, but to us...nice!).

When we arrive in Ohio we won't have easy wifi access to provide a window into our adventures. We're guessing from past visits that it'll probably involve cheese, possibly sharp knives & maybe some unexpected fun.  Our final post will be a summary of our time in Ohio & wrap up of our trip.  Thanks for following along & look for our final Coast to Coast post next Tuesday morning.

Huddling & covering up was their only defense (notice: photo take from inside camper)
Only 1-2 mosquitoes managed to penetrate our screened sleeping fortress ~ boys enjoying the safety
We liked the George Jetson-esque golf cart that the KOA host used to escort us to our kampsite
Odd large mouse by highway gas station
Cheeseman (w/ psycho eyes) by another highway gas station
Didn't quite meet the level of the Big Texan ~ still pretty good
We enjoyed the fun ranch ambiance
Children's amusement park attached to the restaurant & adjacent to our kampsite thankfully closed @ 6pm ~ sweet sleep :)


  1. It is unbelievable that you are in Stone Creek tomorrow! It seems like yesterday that you left! But I am sure you are happy to reach your familiar destination! Enjoy one of the best visits of your trip!


  2. Sarah and familyJuly 12, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    Are you guys the only ones in that town? Has everyone gone to the city for a Taste of Chicago? The restaurant looked empty as well as all the parking spots! Glad you survived the mosquito infestation in Wisconsin and/or aren't feeling too anemic from the blood loss to keep on posting! Ha Ha! See you soon!
    Love Sarah and fam

  3. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself when I don't have your blog to read anymore.

  4. I agree with Diane. It is the highlight of our day, that we look forward to viewing after all the day's chores are done and getting ready to relax for the evening.

    I sure do hope you bought some cheese (or at least sampled some), so you can compare to Stone Creek cheese. I might just have to take a road trip to WI just for that purpose alone :)


  5. I've enjoyed following your vacation via blog. So glad the boys have the NPS passports. I have an entry in my book; Cathryn, Ellen and Laura in SF for the weekend. Muir Woods and Marin Headlands, MAR 12, 1995.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and saw so many wonderful sights. I love Mt. Rushmore. Beautiful area. In the news last week, park employees in Death Valley were asking vistors to stop frying eggs on the sidewalk. Aren't you glad you didn't stop there?

    Safe travels.
    Marilyn Williams
    (still haven't figured out how to get a signature.)

  6. Marilyn, I have that same entry in my passport and I actually bought my passport on that trip. Fun memories. Some day I want to take the boys to that restaurant where we ate and watched the sea lions. That was so cool.

    We were glad many times that we didn't end up going to Death Valley National Park! We saw plenty of desert to satisfy our interest and we were plenty hot without going there! :-)