Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 28-30: Stone Creek & HOME!

Destination: Stone Creek ("Crick", that is) OH to Columbia PA

3-day Mileage: 867
3-day Time: 17:18

Total Trip Miles: 7978
(Ellen bested 8K with her Pottstown PA drive)
Total Trip Time:173:20

Bright & early Friday morning we packed up "Kamp" for the last time on this trip. Stellar directions from our KOA host had us avoiding Interstate 90 construction & Chicago congestion despite our GPS' insistance that we suffer rerouting to her favored trajectory.

The Ohio & Indiana equivalent of the PA Turnpike is lined with trees obsuring all views, therefore,  really boring!

We were glad to arrive at our destination earlier than anticipated. Received by Ellen's sister, Rosetta, for a late dinner of fresh sweet corn & cheese tray, we were informed that her neighbor/handyman was planning on our trip "slide show" during our layover.

Most of us just lazed around Saturday ~ David took advantage of the daylight hours (& lack of supervision) to "explore" all the old out-buildings by collecting treasures that included circa 1940's newspaper proof sheets that lined the chicken roost to block drafts. In the evening we headed across the street for a barbeque & first showing of trip photos. We experience a unique eating & viewing experience that WOW-ed us ~ only in Stone Creek OH... actually, there probably are a few others places this would fly!

Sunday afternoon we headed into New Philadelphia OH with an ambitious list of activities: shopping @ Yaggi's Cheesehouse, visiting great Aunt Doris (age 94), touring Warther's Carving & Knife Museum, dropping in @ Tuscora Park for rides & Barbershop concert. We did it all!

Ohio was a nice respite before the short quiet trip our home in Columbia PA. We arrived around 4pm to quickly transfer Ellen's belongings to her vehicle so that she could experience the relief of being in her own home as well.

We don't know how to wrap up the discussion of the trip other than by saying, "It is Surreal ~ we've been to California & back."

Hopefully this blog did a good job of capturing highlights you've enjoyed with us along the way. It will also remind us that it really happened.

If you have the opportunity to view SOME of our many photos, more details blossom in the retelling ~ we'll try not to bore you :)

Stone Creek OH wildlife wandering about 50 yards away in Rosetta's backyard
Just one of David's many treasures that did (& didn't) fit in the van for a trip home
For our viewing pleasure... this tricked-out retired ambulance with accompanying projection screen
Ultimate party vehicle with cast iron grilling drum mounted on the bumper... steaks, pork chops & yes, bacon
Boys viewing master carver/knifemaker "Mooney" Warther's masterpiece ~ every time we go, we learn something new
Ellen, David & Ethan on the Tuscora Park Ferriswheel
Ethan's swing action
All hopped aboard the historic Merry-Go-Round
Excellent Barbershop performance


  1. Thanks for blogging!!! I enjoyed going along on the trip as did all our friends we told about it. The great thing about doing the blog is that you can go back and do it again or look to remember places once you forget(like me)! Glad your home! See you soon! Love,

  2. So grateful for your energy and efforts blogging, I know it could not have been easy and probably sided on the "chore" side of things. So thank you thank you thank you!

    What a great cap off to a great trip, Stone Creek. You guys look like you really had fun!

    Love you all, and so glad you completed the trip of a lifetime! Great planning and executing and detouring when necessary!

    cath and ann